Luck has Nothing to do with Love

Stories about relationships, love, communication and personal growth from a reformed counselor dating in her 30's.


Here's what happened Christmas Eve
Since ya’ll keep emailing and an editor said the magic words: it might just help someone. Read the post that prompted this follow up here.

“I just got off the phone…,” he trailed off, swallowing rage and shoved the phone in front of my face.

“What were you thinking?”

My first reaction was to make light of it: “Well, I guess she’s not coming,” I said and turned the corner into the organic food section.

“That’s good. I didn’t want to have to find something vegetarian last minute.”

He followed me, a little too closely. His voice rose. I don’t remember what he said. I felt a heat rise from deep in my belly and flush my face. We were alone in the aisle, but the people walking by w

I’ve not been very lucky in love. Perhaps because I think love has anything to do with luck.

No matter how many times I say to myself: love is an action, not a feeling, an action,” my brain sometimes gets entangled with feelings and all of sudden, I feel out control. And I act like a fool.

Why? Because we can’t control our emotions. It’s a scam. A lie. Just like you can’t just have everything you want or desire.